World-Class Powder Metal Parts
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Processes & Resources

Powder Metallurgy (P/M) is the ideal process for
manufacturing durable, complex mechanical
components such as gears, cams, sprockets
and other multilevel parts.
Tooling & Preventive


Micro Metals has a fully equipped, in-house tool room that allows us to build original tooling, conduct repairs and provide any customer-required modifications. This department is staffed by craftsmen who have completed the four-year, federally accredited Tool and Die Makers Apprenticeship program. The program is conducted with the guidance of the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

Preventive Maintenance

The quality of our product and the safety of our employees depend upon well-maintained equipment and safe surroundings. In accordance with QS standards, Micro Metals maintains an aggressive and documented preventive maintenance program.

This computerized system tracks all past maintenance and repair records and schedules work orders for future routines. In addition, it tracks the use and economic order quantities of consumables (i.e., fluid, filters, belts).