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May, 06
Micro Metals Launches New, Improved Website

JAMESTOWN — Micro Metals Inc., a powder metallurgy industry leader based in Jamestown, Tenn., announces the successful launch of its new and greatly improved website.

"This is a long-awaited event," said Micro Metals CEO Scott Edwards. "We have wanted to update the site for some time."

In addition to comprehensive information about who they are and what they do, Micro Metals' new site contains a section where prospective clients can view case studies of parts Micro Metals has made; videos of their blending, compacting, sintering, deburring, heat treating, machining and inspection processes; press releases and announcements; and a section where clients with projects under way may log in and access information about that project's status.

"The process began when we sat down with Edwards and sales manager Ken Porter, and they told us about their vision for the site," said Roman Stone, president of WDStone & Associates, whose company designed the new website.

"They wanted it to be heavily focused on their innovative process and the intricate, highly engineered parts they create. It was our job to take that vision and rejuvenate the Micro Metals brand. We wanted to create a site that takes viewers into the powder metal process but also offers a closer look into this strong company and its history."

Said Porter, "We believe the new site fully captures our engineering and manufacturing expertise in an engaging and user-friendly way. I encourage everyone to visit the site and give us your feedback."

Micro Metals supplies medium- to high-volume iron- and copper-based conventional structural powder metal parts to the global market. Established in 1976 by Carl R. Edwards, a 50-year veteran of the powder metallurgy industry, Micro Metals has continually grown over the past 35 years. The company currently occupies a 65,000 square-foot plant.

Micro Metals' focus is on providing value to customers and vendors by meeting or exceeding expectations through development of long-term relationships based on honesty, innovative problem solving, promises kept, personal touch and flexibility where varying needs are concerned. For more information about Micro Metals, visit them online at, or call (931) 879-9946.